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Specific Games or Series[edit]

Non-Video Gaming[edit]

  • 1179 /v/DnD Roll for initiative! a subverse for anything related to pen and paper roleplaying.
  • 975 /v/BoardGames
  • 187 /v/Warhammer
  • 185 /v/dnd5e A subverse for the newest edition of dungeons and dragons.
  • 145 /v/TabletopGames
  • 120 /v/Dice
  • 49 /v/minipainting Miniature painting and gaming
  • 10 /v/swrpg A subverse for fans of the star wars role playing game by fantasy flight games.
  • 9 /v/TravellerRPG Science fiction roleplaying in the far future.
  • 9 /v/dungeonmasters For discussions about running a tabletop rpg.
  • 6 /v/tavern A subverse for desktop roleplaying players to share ideas.
  • 5 /v/loremasters Loremasters: a place for inspiration, commiseration and planning between those who run roleplaying games of all kinds.
  • 3 /v/minitrade A place to trade miniature of all flavors and genres.